Proven home-based business solution

I decided to start my own home-based business six years ago because, quite frankly, I wasn’t getting any younger and my job satisfaction had never been lower.  I love the flexibility that having my own home-based business has provided to myself and my husband as we have been able to fully renovate our house as well as do a little travel.  That is not to say that there haven’t been challenges along the way – there have.  As a new business owner, I think I probably made every mistake in the book, but I kept going and my business has kept evolving to suit the changing markets created by the GFC.

Over the past 18 months, I have been compiling all of the systems, processes and databases that I have developed to ensure that my home-based business kept providing clients with products and service of exceptional quality.

Why did it take me 18 months?  There are a lot of them!  After six years and literally hundreds of clients, my business partner and I have created a business system that just about anyone can use to generate an extra income from home.

By using our databases and business systems, you can be up and running in your own home-based business in as little as seven days – training included!

Do you have these skills?

  • A real love of working with people
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking the English language
  • Proficient Microsoft Word including formatting
  • Internet research and email composition abilities

With these basic skills, you can successfully use the systems and processes that we have developed over that last six years to establish and operate your very own home-based business.

Our proven home-based business solution includes:

  • Ownership of your own business – THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE
  • Freedom to operate your business when, where and however you choose
  • Complete ownership of your own client database
  • Training in the use of our proven systems
  • Resources developed by work-at-home professionals
  • Business resources to help you keep track of income and enquiry sources
  • NO ongoing fees, royalties or charges
  • NO terms and conditions of trade

We are not selling franchises.  We are selling business systems that you can use to get your very own home-based business operational in a very short period of time.

There are no ongoing fees.  There are no additional charges.  For one upfront payment, you receive your business system that you can use to establish and start your very own home-based business.

Why have we done this?  Starting a home-based business from scratch is hard!  We know – we have done it.  So we decided to share what we have created so new business owners have access to the resources they require to confidently set up their own home-based business and skip the initial mistakes that we made.

To find out more, contact Zenith Home Business Solutions today.